The Raven

The Raven

Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Change a Chance!

I try to listen to independent views and avoid judgement. I am very liberal and I want my politicians to be so as well! To govern the masses one needs to be open-minded and liberal to be able to listen to and understand the diversity that is our Nation, to be able to represent them as closely as possible. I don't understand how we have managed to still remain a 2-party system country. How can the United States be divided into only 2 parties? I am very anti-Republican; yet I admit, they do have what Liberals seem to lack- solid party loyalty and organization. There are more poor people at the bottom of the pyramid, the foundation of society, why are so many of them voting Republican? Republicans who wipe their asses with our hard earned money, want to privatize healthcare, cut out Social Security and other social benefits for the masses. They don't wan to allow a woman to choose what to do with her body and baby, but when she has that baby they don't want to help her support him, educate him, or take care of him when it gets sick, or fund research that can cure deadly diseases. They use the Bible to grip the fundmanetal Christians, quote the Bible to support their policies, but they will be the first to strap an accused crimminal to the gurney and let him be injected with the deadly serum. On NPR I heard a Saudi-Arabian man, a man from a country where religion runs every aspect of lfe, say that there should be a seperation b/t Church and State. He believes that religion is sacred and should be a quiet, personal relashionship b/t God and the individual. There is still hope for Peace in the Middle East!
People are criticizing Obama for increasing the deficit, and ruining the economy. Where were these people 10 years ago when their people were in power and banks were de-regulated and could profit off of people's loans by selling them to other banks? when mass amounts of companies were shut down and reopened in foreign countries, like China? China, who we owe trillions to because of money borrowed for these 2 wars? China who makes our discount, Wal-Mart apparel, applicances and furniture, while buying oil from Sudan, a terrorist  training ground, now responsible for the greatest mass murder of the 21st century. If Bush-Cheney-like policies had continued, we would now be in the second Great Depression, the rich woul dbe richer, the poor working harder and harder to only become poorer and poorer and to eventually have their jobs outsourced to China, Honduras or maybe Mexico. The Republicans are acting like bratty little children, not wanting to help the country b/c their party is no longer the majority. They reject bills that are presented by Democrats that are designed to restabilize our country; which goes to show that they really don't care about our country; the past reign of Conservative Republicans proves that. When the Republicans were in office my 50 years old father lost his job of 30 years b/c of outsourcing. He gets $50 per month, and education paid for since Obama has been in office. When Republicans were in office I lost my health insurance, employees were laid off and hours were cut back. Now, the Obama administration is working on ensuring healthcare for all. It is going to be a long process to "fix" Washington. So far, Obama is the closest I have seen for a good president. My ideal one would be one more in touch with the working class, very worldly, liberal and one who is serious about Green energy and reviving the health of our planet. But, Washington was too messy and unstable to have an independent party to take over. We need to restabilize; we need American jobs, stronger unions, fair wages, better education, healthcare for all AND WE NEED TO END THESE WARS! Only then, can we be ready for a more independent party. Maybe that's what 2012 will bring; to the tea party and Republicans, that will be the end of the world for sure!!

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