The Raven

The Raven

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The not- so- Goodwife

To seek knowledge is as natural as the fruit that grows in the ever-blossomed orchards of Heaven. Fruit is nourishment for the body as knowedge is nourishment for the mind. I don't believe God would punish those with minds who want to learn and share knowledge. Eve wanted to know about God and about the world around her. We all know how that worked out...
 It is true that "well behaved women rarely make history."
If we fast foward to 1632, early in mass exodus of Christians from England to the New World to keep their beliefs in God "pure,"Anne Hutchinson, well educated in theology, claimed a very unorthodox belief. She believed that "a person's ulitimate destiny was between the individual and God and not to be interpreted by clergymen" (Oh Say Did You Know p. 19). Her and that Saudi-Arabian gentlemen from my last post should get together! She was put under house arrest and finally banished from her colony in Massachusettes. If there is real TRUTH behind what the religious leaders believe then why do they react so harshly to anyone who dissents?
The way God is portrayed in the parable of Adam and Eve is very human-like. God's Word cannot be written down because there is no language we could conceive of to scribe it. Just the idea of God is like looking into pupil of God's Eye and seeing the Cosmic Garden, where stands the Great Tree of Knowledge, and clinging to those branches are tiny, trembling droplets of sacred balance wherewithin are universes.
I feel, in 2010, as Anne Hutchinson did in 1632. We do not need mankind to interpret God to us. God will come to us in our own time and in a personal way that we will be able to receive and understand. It is offputting to have someone preach to me the way they see the Word of God. For all we know, this is really out there, the Bible was put out by the Devil to trick us; it could be part of the everlasting battle of Good and Evil; it was copied down by scribes, who probably made mistakes and the many times the Word has been translated, how could any of the original words be exact? Some foreign words have no equivilent in other languages. 2,000 years ago, 'virgin' meant an unmarried woman; to-day it means a woman who has never had sex. Just that one difference alone should make one wonder about all of history in general. As Bono so well put it, "religion often gets in the way of God." Most wars throughout history have been over religion, atleast in the Middle East. It is not God causing the wars, but man's interpretations of God, which is religion, the sustainence of billions of people all over the world. As long as man is interpreting God, there will be wars, and people who seek the peaceful truth of God will be rebels and excommunicated.


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  2. I would like to say something in response to your post. I myself am an atheist but I used to be Roman Catholic. But I admit that I cannot prove that their is no divine form just as much as you can prove that there is. But I agree to one thing you said. If there is some divine being, humans shall not be able to understand it, and to follow things such as churches, and bibles, scrolls, and revelations, is ridiculous to some degree. This is because these things are the product of human interpretations, changes made to benefit themselves, and even perhaps just made up beliefs. No offense to anyone but if there is any form of deity humans will definitely not the way to get to it. So if you choose to believe in something of that nature, you yourself will be the best way to get there.

  3. this may be a duplicate, but i don't know if the other one posted... but, i admire your desire for a "peaceful coexistence" I don't think that idea has been given a chance