The Raven

The Raven

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Tea

My cousin has an unconventional, dark sense of humor, which I like. He can keep such a straight face that it sometimes takes me a while to catch on that he's joking. Once while having tea at my aunt's house, he says that being tall is being superior. Being only 5'2", I demanded to know why! He gave me the example that say my aunt asked me to get that tea pot on the top shelf, I couldn't reach it, but he easily could. Ofcourse, this was all a light hearted conversation, yet I did wonder if he secretly thought this to be true.
A few days later, I was picking mulberries from a tree in my yard; I couldn't reach the really yummy ones near the top, so I couln't help thinking back to my cousins's statement. However, I came up with a new theory. If as a species is developing all is easy for it, it will never evolve further. Yet, if one is too small to, say reach the higher fruit, their minds will have to, out of necessity, develop new ways to get the fruit. They would innovate ways using their BRAINS, thereby creating new ideas, creativity and progress. So, then, who is the superior?

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  1. In this case those who are smarter are superior for they can think and create new ways to solve their problems. However Breanne this isn't true for all species. not all species are lucky enough to have the capacity to think around their problems. So in that case the taller ones would be superior.
    So to sum up, be thankful your human because as long as you can think no one is superior to you, and two being tall varies in being a weakness or strength with the scenario so don't feel so bad. :)