The Raven

The Raven

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I Sell 'Blank Inside' Cards"

I'll write in here because I don't want it to feel so blank, like I do tonight. I often get into these places where I can't sleep, I can't write, for I have no new ideas, no ambition, almost no feeling, which is the worst feeling of all- where it seems useless to do anything. I know I don't ever want to go back to having panic attacks, so I'll stay on my medication. A healthy feeling of anxiety is good; it helps one to prepare and plan, stay ahead of things; but when it cripples one it is a feeling like watching an animal, close to death, pace, pant and try to escape and hide from the inevitable, like your soul is lost or in limbo and not even God can find you.
I had the day off today, I cleaned my room throughly and did laundry. I have nowhere to go, no social life, no college life... I usually live up in my head, daydream a lot. I usually get in bed and read or watch a movie when i feel like this, but since I just got over being sick, being in bed reminds me of then and I feel it might happen again if I spend too much time in it not sleeping, just being blah in it.
I'm actually glad I have to work tomorrow; I feel I am doing something for a purpose and I''ll have a reason to feel tired and unambitious when I come home.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Someone Forgot to Loch the Derg!

I have been blessed to have gone to Ireland, TWICE! My first time was in 2002 when I was 17. Even before I got to Ireland, I was enchanted by the view from the plane as we neared land in the very wee hours of the morning; the cities below looked like a lit up constellation map, or jewels carefully sewn into a belly dancer's skirt.It was as if I was in a safe capsule looking out at the Universe. It was light in the sea of darkness around me and it was beautiful.
Ireland is only about the size of New Jersey or West Virginia, but i think Ireland must be like that fable of the man who looked like a normal human, but the entire Universe was inside him.
Ghostly mist caresses the cadence of green hills, which appear painted by an adept, omniscient hand and enduringly roll on for eternal miles, defying the segregating line of North and South. While standing on the Cliffs of Moher, I came to believe that Ireland was actually a piece of Heaven that one of the rebel angels grabbed onto as he fell and that piece landed in the Atlantic ocean and since then has spawned an everlasting battle of beauty and horror.

"Loch of the Red Eye," Lough Derg (lock-derg), said to be a portal to Hell found in County Donegal, Northern Ireland. With the violent history of Ireland, the land of ire, I wouldn't doubt it! I was just watching a repeat of History Channel's "Gates of Hell." While Saint Patrick was in Ireland during the the 5th century A.D., spreading Christianity, it is said that he has visions of Hell while in a cave on the isle of Derg. Because of this, Ireland, only Loch Derg, however, made it onto a world map of 1492. Still to this day thousands of Christians, worldwide, pilgrimage to this site. As long as this portal exists as a physical place or a place in our hearts and minds, the cliff sides will forever breathe ashore the passionate waters of battle.

The Cliffs of Moher

I came back from Ireland, but I left my heart there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Good Earth

I couldn't believe my eyes this evening- lightening in the dead of Winter!

"only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money" -Cree Native American warning

When wealth exists for one person or one nation, should it be shared? If so, who decides what is fair and by what standards? Everyone has a different idea of fairness and justice.

Humans are supposed to be the most advanced life forms on Earth. Unfortunately, we have brought upon the most advanced destruction the Earth has ever known.
Survival of the fittest seems to have evolved into Capitalism. I don't have a problem with people starting their own businesses and doing what makes them happy and making a profit. But I hate what it has become-DESTRUCTIVE GREED. We are taking more than we need from the Earth for ourselves, and at a rate that doesn't allow for Nature to mend itself and regenerate. Industrially developed nations have decided they will decide how the wealth is distributed, causing world poverty, an irreparable hole in our Ozone Layer and the destruction of 1,000 acres of Rain forest every hour!

It's a world full of Natural Selection, Social Darwinism, I get it. Survival of the fittest leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Everything here is a product of its environment, therefore, what affects plants, insects, animals, people, cities, states, countries, oceans, will come back around and affect something else within the sphere called Earth all the way up the food chain to Humankind. I think it is called the butterfly effect? It will affect all, not only because we're all under the same sun, but because we are basically made of the same stuff and, for all, the object of the day is to not die. We are all made up of ornate, delicate systems that flow life through us. We all need water, light and food to function; without these essential elements Life on Earth doesn't exist.
Martin Luther King Jr. once reminded us that before we finish our breakfasts we have relied upon the rest of the world. The things we rely upon everyday were made by someone somewhere other than yourself and your labor.
I think we have a conscience and empathy for a reason: if we have a wealth of something, we should share it so all can be a little better off in the world. Won't things then be better for everyone and everything? Why not try it? Maybe we're all of different colors, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles to help us evolve and teach and learn from each other, not to bring on their demise.
Maybe someday you will have to rely upon the less fit in order to just survive, let alone be the fittest. We rage and interrupt Nature because we think we're entitled because we are the fittest; we forget that what we destroy sustains us. Soon, there will be nothing left to fight over.

"No one has ever become poor from giving!If you do this, then in a few generations no one will need to pity the beggar children anymore, because they will not exist. There is plenty of room for everyone in the world, enough money, riches and beauty for all to share!" -Anne Frank

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

For the past 8 days I have been down with some kind of flu/cold-like sickness. I notice when I am sick, my empathy for everything is exacerbated. My brother once said that he thought all the natural disasters around the world was just the Earth trying to expunge us- cough and sneeze us out, like our bodies do when we're fighting a sickness. I got so sad and felt worse when I thought, I'll eventually get better, but I'm not sure Mother Earth will. I thought of this as I hacked green phlegm into my tissues and writhed in bed coughing hoarsely, my head about to split from the throbbing, waking every hour in misery. I guess I'm writing all this to say how happy I am to be back on my way to good health and able to sit up at a computer and spit out thoughts rather than mucus.
During one of my restless nights I was flipping through the TV channels and one of my favorite shows was on, at 2am- The Daily Show. Jon Stewart was showing clips of various FOX news minions, among them the infamous Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. They kept saying that the Liberal Left were like Nazis- gestapo, S.S. I couldn't believe this oxymoron, (or the comparison of Liberal to Nazi!)
The dictionary tells me that a Nazi is a " national socialist: a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933-1945 under Adolf Hitler."

Liberal means, "suitable for a freeman [or woman, Mr. Dictionary!] generous, bountiful; not narrow in opinion or judgement."

And we all know that the Nazi's were known for their generosity and avoiding narrow judgement! ...well, they did kill more than just Jews.
I must have missed something! As far as I know, the Liberals in this country did horrible things like allow women and blacks to vote, plant trees, pick up trash, protect animals, ensure health coverage and education for all Americans, promote Unions and American jobs, say that two men or two women have the same right to love and get married and be miserable like a man and a woman. Many Conservatives still seem to live in the Dark Ages thinking that "gayness" is contagious, that one can TURN gay if they shake hands with a gay person. How do gay people get born? I'm pretty sure it still takes a man's semen and a woman's eggs to produce Life. So all the parents of gay people must have also been homosexual and been attracted to the opposite sex? which is the opposite of homosexual.

What is considered Liberal, I don't think of as Liberal- I think it's just NORMAL. Obama just passed the largest middle-class tax break in the history of our nation,(of course, the greedy little, peevish Republicans got to keep the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy which they defend by saying it will create jobs. Jobs for who? Unemployment hasn't been as bad as it was during the past 10 years of Bush Tax cuts, since the Great Depression). Obama also passed the Equal Pay Act so that a woman make the same as a man for doing the same work, and achieved a major healthcare reform because he would like to see all Americans have the human right to Health. He would also like to see children fully educated, which is why he is giving tax credit to colleges. He seems to be trying to re-stabilize the foundations of our nation- education and good health; these are both basic rights found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted in 1948 by Elanor Roosevelt.

But, I guess feel quite safe with the Conservative Right with all their guns, oil to burn big tanks that plunder tattered, ethnic war-torn countries; oil flows through their veins and makes them start wars and force Democracy and their religion upon people of ancient faiths that they refuse to understand. The majority Right is pushing their prejudices upon us, so we support the war; they have brainwashed us to think that Islam is BAD and ALL MUSLIMS are terrorists and we must eliminate them! True Islam does not preach hate and murder and most Americans are ignorant enough to believe this and support the war, and don't let the Liberals in, they'll take away our guns! Didn't the Nazis have lots of guns?
HMMM... It must be opposite day or something, everyday for the Republicans!

p.s. sadly, i know that i am playing into the game of a divided nation. as long as there is disagreement and stubborn heels in the ground, not much progress will prevail.
I also believe it was some hippie, commie, liberals who sang that song, "Come on people, now... smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now!"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dismything Thum Myths

Freemasonry is allegorical geometry. As much as I love symbolism and mystical, fantastical, secret meanings, I think the myths and conspiracies of Freemasonry have come about by fear of the unknown. These myths have survived how fairy tales and the bogey man have survived centuries. Because of this, many lodges, my uncle's included, have been opening their doors and letting the public, non-Masons in to ask any questions, look around, view relics, current regalia and texts and even hosting open ceremonies and installations. I have attended many Masonic activities with my uncle, a union carpenter and Mason since 1992. I have read through the manuals and original documents of his lodge. Of course, I love to allow my imagination to create a mystic world about Freemasonry, and it is easy to do in drafty old Masonic lodges surrounded by symbols and ornate antiques. I remember one funny incident. I found two sheathed instruments with curious carvings on the covers. I picked them up, showing my uncle, and asking, "What are these?! Some secret, ritualistic knives?" My uncle, smiling, pulled the covers off and I saw a fork in one hand and a what looked like a letter opener in the other, "A turkey carving set," he said with a knowing grin. I'm not the only one trying to catch them in a secret. Once, while my uncle was giving a speech about the lodge, one woman was looking around and asked, "What's behind this little door?" He jokingly told her it was a secret. He then opened it and behind the door was the old electrical panel to the upper floor. Another question was asked about the 2 long narrow bars that ran perpendicular across the room. I always thought they were for hanging sheer veils in dim, candle lit rooms while recitations of the sacred text echoed from the shadows on the walls around the new initiate who is lead blindfolded as he hears the story of the ancients and Hiram Abiff...but there is no mystical reason, just to hold up the walls of the 140 year old room! I was disappointed again!

Freemasonry began as an operative labor union or trade guild. "Mason" is Latin for "builder." A Freemason is one of skilled labor, such as construction, and can journey to where the work is. Hundreds of years ago, instead of a dues card being presented, secret handshakes were given to the foreman of a work site, so that he knew that the laborer was skilled. By the grip he could tell at what level of skill the worker was- apprentice, journeymen or master. This protected the livelihood of laborers and quelled the employment of unskilled, or cowan, workers.

Symbols were widely used hundreds of years ago because of widespread illiteracy, as I mentioned, Freemasonry, because of it roots in construction work, is allegorical geometry. "In an age of illiteracy, ideas about the nature of the Universe were incorporated into the fabric of Gothic and Romanesque was said to be made according to the same principles as the Universe..."(Freemasonry:An Illustrated History of the Once Secret Order.)

The All Seeing Eye has forever been used to symbolize God. As literacy became more common, it was replaced by the letter "G" for God and Geometry, the sacred art because no matter where one travels in the world, Geometry is the same- "...ratio and harmony so beautiful and universal in their application as to appear divine..."(Freemasonry: An Illustrated History of the Once Secret Order)

At a time when being a Christian was punishable by death, they would meet in secret and use secret symbols, such as Ichthus, or "the Jesus fish" as we know it now, to lead followers to the meetings.

"Kill them all. God will recognize his own."As the Catholic Church became sublime and supreme and would use the cruelest forms of torture and punishment against any organization that did not fear and bow to them, and ohhh, the Crusades!... the Masons were forced meet in secret as well because of the chances of being convicted of heresy, and executed because of the lack of knowledge about what they were- which is ironic since the cornerstone of Freemasonry is knowledge, the ever-seeking quest and desire for it. It was not until the Enlightenment period of the 17th and 18th centuries that Freemasonry declared itself and was open to non-laborers, such as aristocracy, and became known as Speculative Masonry. This seems to be where Freemasonry gets mixed in with the Occult and Mysticism since some of the new members were familiar and experimenting with it at the time.

Freemasonry is full of self-improving lessons with symbols to remind the followers of them. Every religion and country has Masons. The holy doctrine, whether it be the Torah, Koran or Bible, is always present and in the middle of the room at all meetings and ceremonies.These doctrines are to be used as life guides for the members, as a compass or ruler would be to a builder. If a Mason enters any lodge anywhere in the world, the room will be set up exactly the same, just like sacred Geometry.

Only 8 of the 56 signers of the Declaration were known Masons- Benjamin Franklin, Richard Stockton,William Whipple, George Walton, William Hooper, John Hancock,William Ellery, Joesph Hewes... and Robert Treat Paine is listed as having attended Massachusetts Grand Lodge in 1759.(Paul Bessel; The author of our Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, has been said to be a Mason, because Masons marched ceremoniously at his funeral, however, so did many other social organizations. I think this was an honorary act by the Masons out of respect for his contributions to the new nation. There is no known record of Thomas Jefferson being a Mason.

Many conspiracy theorists are forever finding secret symbolism and meanings in the founding and design of our country. The eagle is said to have been chosen because it is a Masonic symbol; however, Ben Franklin, who we know from records was a Mason, wanted to have the turkey as the new nation's bird; as he wrote of his disappointment to his daughter after the eagle was chosen, he mentions that the eagle's character was immoral and that the turkey was wily and intelligent.

13, that ill-omened number! Some people try to use against the Masons because the Great Seal has 13 arrows in one claw of the eagle, 13 leaves of the olive branch, and 13 stars, that when connected a certain way, form the Star of David, a pentagram or a compass and square and each corner points to a letter that can be used to spell MASON. Some believe this to mean that there is a hidden agenda to the Masons, a hint of their ubiquitous presence and influence of a "new world."

Still, other curious ones, who aren't Mason, accuse this symbolism of Masonic of mal- intent or a wink to some sort of Satanical power. However, it makes more sense that 13 was chosen for the Great Seal because of the 13 original colonies that were brought together to form a new nation.

The Latin phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum" does not mean "new world order" as many conspiracy theorists have said, implying that behind the world's power are the Mason; Novus Ordo Seclorum means "new order of ages" Maybe this was chosen not because Masons were secretly taking over the world, but because a new nation was being formed, a Republic. The Eagle is said to have been chosen because it is a Masonic symbol; however, Ben Franklin, who we know from records was a Mason, wanted to have the turkey as the new nation's bird; he thought that the eagle's character was immoral and the turkey was wily and intelligent, as he wrote of his disappointment to his daughter after the eagle was chosen.

It was more than a century later, in 1935, when the Great Seal was placed on the dollar bill by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a known Masonic brother. This is one instance where Masons may live up to the conspiracies. Henry Wallace, an advisor of FDR's, also a Mason, yet Wallace was interested in the Occult and mysticism and communicated often with Nicholas Rurick, a Russian mystic. I don't believe this is common of Masons, however, or that it was a collective, Masonic decision.

Once I asked my uncle, when I was joining The Order of the Eastern Star, "Are you sure that there isn't more to the Masons than you're telling me?" He told me, "If they had more power, and influence, I wouldn't be unemployed as much as I am."

sources: The History Channel,
Freemasonry: An Illustrated History of the Once Secret Order, Jack M. Driver
and my uncle, union carpenter, Mason since 1992 and historian of Brearly Lodge No. 2, Bridgeton NJ

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Origins of the Feminist: The Divine Womb

The Goddess floated on the Sea of Darkness; the Eyes of our Great Mother, closed, imagining. Behind the meditative lids was a fiery whirlwind- arcane chaos, beautiful mystery! The limitless Mind imagined all potential existence. Behind the Eye of God was a symphony of raging energy- a sound like infinite, vibrating violin strings in a stormy ocean. The Light, the infinite Knowledge that is an idea in our Great Mother’s Mind became our existence.

The Paleolithic Era
Thousands of years ago it was the Goddess that was worshiped  It was female energy that sustained the Earth and its inhabitants. Like the moon goes through cycles, so does Woman, which seems to connect her to the energy of the Earth and tides. All over the world, archaeologists have unearthed female figurines and carvings, such as these:

prehistoric petroglyph found in a Utah cave

Willendorf, Austria 30,000-25,000 B.C. Paleolithic

Aztec goddess

Prehistoric Nile Goddess

Isis giving birth
Indus Valley 3rd-2nd Millenium B.C

Dreamer of Malta 3000 BCE

Laussel, France 22,000-18,000 B.C.E.

Sheel na gig Celtic fertility goddess of death and rebirth 11th Century

Paleolithic carving seeming to represent the vuvla
Modern scholars believe these statues and images to be related to fertility rites sacred to men and women. Thousands of years ago, from the Paleolithic to the mysterious eras of Crete and Atlantis, women were revered for their life-giving powers-their vagina being "the portal through which a child enters the world" (E.O. James, religious historian, The Chalice and the Blade). It was believed that once a person dies they can return to life by being reborn through the vagina. Blood was a symbol of life, therefore the female's menstrual cycle was mysterious and sacred. Archaeologists have discovered ancient Cro-Magnon burial sites in France, where, around the skeletal remains, are cowrie shells covered in red ocher, a symbol of the vagina and menstrual blood, so the deceased could be revitalized by the woman's life giving blood.

Acts of sex and giving birth were sacred and revered until the men of the Catholic Church began writing history, saying that Eve was the one to blame and therefore her, and all women bore after her, are the carriers of the "original sin," and that she was the one to blame for the downfall of mankind, (1 Timothy 2: 14). Why was the Gospel of Mary buried? During the Council of Nicea it was decided which Biblical texts would be written as God's word and which would be banned. Why does the Catholic Church now deny that there was a female pope, Pope Joan? The Scotus' chronicle of the popes mention her,  " A.D. 854, Lotharii 14, Joanna, a woman, succeeded Leo, and reigned two years, five months and four days"  (The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker, p. 475).

cowrie shells, once used as currency and in burial rituals

Our ancient ancestors seemed to understand the sustaining connection of human life to Nature and animals
around them. Many goddess symbols are of females surrounded by animals, water and trees. Our ancient ancestors seemed to be conscious of all life, a seemingly lost heritage in the 21st century.

The early humans may not have been blood thirsty primitive creatures. If we think about modern hunter-gatherer cultures  they rely heavily on vegetation, rice and grains to sustain them. Meat was, throughout modern history, food for the rich, while the peasants begged for a cold shoulder of mutton. Taking a closer look at ancient, Paleolithic art opens more wonder. In his book, Alexander Marshack writes that many line paintings and engravings could be images of Nature, such as trees, branches or reeds. There are images of animals with lines around them that for years, scholars said were arrows, which would be missing their target, why would they paint so many hunting failures  One engraving on a bone object was studied a second time after it was said to have a depiction of a harpoon. Under a microscope, the barbs of this harpoon were turned the wrong way and the points of the shaft were also wrong. It was decided, that this image seemed to depict, more correctly, a tree with branches and not a harpoon. I am not suggesting, of 
Tcourse that ancient people did not hunt, obviously they did, they carved on bones of animals that they more than likely hunted, however, I am sure that they lived like the Native Americans respecting and using all of the animal for survival.

As Riane Eisler writes in her book, many Paleolithic remains seem to suggest a female centered society- the many female figurines found on every continent, the red ocher found in burial sites and the vagina shaped cowrie shells. These early civilization gave birth, (no pun intended) to more complex , goddess religions, that are represented by powerful female deities such as Isis, Nut, Maat, Ishtar , the Shekina, Mother Mary and of course Mother Earth and Mother Nature.
It was not until Judeo-Christian religions that woman became the "weaker sex" the carrier of "the original sin"... the sex who was condemned by God and not God-like herself.  As St. Paul said Eve was the only guilty one, (1 Timothy 2:14). Early Christians destroyed Goddess centered temples and scriptures and deemed the early rituals as works of the devil. The Christian Church declared through Acts 19:27, that the Great Goddess " must be despised and her magnificence destroyed." Christians will defend this saying that it was because Jesus had come and made all other beliefs obsolete. But, could it also have just been a power thing? To gain more land and world influence over the Muslims and Jews of Asia? To keep women from owning land, earning their own money, and making their own decisions about who to procreate with and about giving birth or not and once giving birth, deciding how to raise the child? 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sudan Sunday

Southern Sudan is among the poorest and underdevelped areas of the world. Ironially, under its malnourished soil flows liquid gold that brings riches- OIL.

"One reason why the country has been at its own throat for thirty-six years: somebody drew the map too big" Melissa L. Rossi, What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World.

Once ruled by British-Egyptian governance, until1956, Sudan is now opressed by an Islamic fundamentalist, military dictatorship. It is a notorious place for sex slavery, over 200,000 captured women and children, child soldiers, over 1 million, and nearly 5 million refugee/ street children, surely their mothers victims of AIDS or domestic violence, and ofcourse, Islamic fundamentalists. The vilolence of this land goes back over 50 years, when Arabic nomads trampled through and began murdering the dark skinned, non-Arabs.
Currently, the majority of people of Sudan, about 52%, are darker skinned Africans who are called "black Africans" and live in the southern areas of Sudan, and about 39% are lighter skinned Arabic peoples who live in the northern regions.The religion of the majority, of the black Africans, are indigenous beliefs, and a small percentage, about 5%, are Christian. However, even though there are less Arabic people in the entire Sudan, there is an overwhelming amount of Sunni Muslims, about 70%.
In 2003, the government funded the Janawid, "gunmen on horseback," to commit ethnic cleasnsing on all black, non-Arab Sudanese, to "leave no black African alive", as the dictator, Bashir, wants it. It is working; over 1 million have been murdered in their homeland, and who knows how many women raped, in order to create lighter skinned babies.

Tomorrow, Sunday, January 9th, 2011, the Sudan may become 2 sperate countries. The people in the south will vote weather or not to secede from the rest of Sudan, making it the newest country in the world. My prayer is that it begins to quell the violence and then people can begin to, if it is ever possible, recover and live peaceably.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Women in Sudan

I remember in a biology class i had in high school the teacher saying that scientists can trace the DNA of woman back to North Africa- one of the cradles of civilization. Humankind flourished from these withered and dry regions of the Middle East and Africa. These lands were once stitched together under God's proud eyes. It seems ironic that the violence and horror of these gardens, these fertile grounds of civilization, is like a rabid bull let out of a rusted cage. Are we really Evolving? or going in vicious cycles of Devolution? I don't want to die ignorant, not knowing other places, cultues and people.

"Women will not tell you easily if such a thing happens to them. In our culture, it is a shame, and women will hide this in their hearts so that the men do not hear about it", one woman refugee in Chad told Amnesty International in 2003.,

Violence against women is rampant in countries where women are viewed as property. Rape brings dishonor to their society, therefore it is often used by the perpetrators and is rarely reported by women.
Rape is being used a s a tool of war in Darfur, Sudan and into eastern Chad when millions of Darfuris are fleeing for sanctuary. Young women risk getting raped and abducted going out to get water. HIV/AIDS is now deadlier than terrorism.

Sudan is like 2 countries trapped in one. In the north are the Arab Muslim Sundanese and in the south, where the precious oil lies beneath, are the black, tribal Sudanese. In 2003, the Janjawid, an armed violent militia, created by the government, was sent out to ethnically cleanse the black tribes of Sudan.
Between 2004-2005, over 500 victims of rape were treated in clinics set up in Darfur. Even, now, with the African Union in Darfur, the cases of rape have actually INCREASED. Many Darfuris have said that the degree and masses of the rapes are something that they have not seen before in conflict. This may be why women are beginning to talk about it. It may have happened before, it was just never reported as often.

"They beat us and told us that you blacks are not going to stay here, we will finish you all. They then grabbed my half-sister who was only 10 years old... I saw two of them lie with my half-sister and then they went away. When we got there she was very hurt and was bleeding. She continued to bleed for the following two days and then died."

I know why the willow weeps. Woman evolved from the Creation Tree, planted from the cradled seed of God’s sent angel during the Battle of Genesis.
The delicate creature, transitioned from girl to woman, now clings to the side of the tree, as if trying to catch a breath of life from the passing breeze. Her wide, ebony eyes, like the wings of newly emerged butterfly meditatively open and close. Woman’s gentleness allowed mankind to destroy her. Mankind did not respect her beauty, her modesty, her mystery, her cosmic wisdom, therefore she weeps. Not one sex is better than the other. Both men and women are needed to create and sustain Life. However, God chose the Woman to hold and nurture new Life. So then, why is Woman’s wisdom, feelings and emotions seen as secondary of importance? How did Man become to “know best”? A Woman has an almost divine intuition that cannot be explained only followed for survival of our kind.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is my first entry i want to share as I read through The Chalice and the Blade Our History, Our Future:
The ancient battle of the sexes seems to be everlasting. Where did this originate? Why did it originate? Was there a time when this energy and distance did not exist between men and women? I have been reading this book giving a second look at the history of humanity. Rainne Eisler, the author, gives evidence that history may not be what we have been taught in Biology and History for ages. Archaeologists are taking closer looks at the remains of pre-history. The remanants, and sites of history are like crime sites, all should be left undisturbed for evidence's sake to get the facts. Before scientists began to study remains, historical sites were disturbed and destroyed by treasure seekers, many in the 1800s, who were not interested in history. It wasn't until after WWII that digging for things from the past became archaeology- to study artifacts to piece together our pats and learn about our future.

Italy                                                                                 Peru

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Time for Peaceful Revolution

Sometimes, I think that this Life is to observe and learn for the next Life where we can be activist angels... but some of us can't wait! I actually, however, really believe that all humans are fallen angels. During the Battle of Genesis, the Rebel angels fell to Earth and became humans. We lost our wings as we fell and that's why we have shoulder blades.
Angels are defined in the dictionary as "immortal, spiritual beings attendant to God; they are devine guardians." I believe in angels all around us- they they can rescue us and help us, animals too! I think everyone and everything has an angel, an energy, an aura about them, guiding them (just as i grabbed up my book to reference some more angel stories, my page marker fluttered up off the page as if it were alive, and on it was written "angels")  There are rumors that Hubble has captured images of angels in space. The Vatican knows about these iamges, but apparently the images will not be released and noone who know about them wants to talk about them. 
 There is life and energy in all existence. Perhaps angels are conductors of the symphony of energy all around.
Do you believe in angels?