The Raven

The Raven

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Origins of the Feminist (1)

"Thus suffered that first martyr and apostle of God, the virgin Thecla, who came from Iconium at eighteen years of age; afterwards, partly in journeys and travels, and partly in a monastic life in the cave, she lived seventy-two years; she was ninety years old when the Lord took her."

Saint Thecla, the woman who baptized herself, 
"when she finished praying, she turned about and saw a pit of water and said, ' Now is a proper time for me to be baptized.' Accordingly, she threw herself into the water and said, 'In your name, O my Lord Jesus Christ, I am this last day baptized' " (Acts of Thecla), and was not afraid to defend herself against unwanted sexual advances, "But he [ Alexandra, a Syrian magistrate] being a person of great power in Anitoch seized her in the street and kissed her; which Thecla would not bear...laid hold on Alexander, tore his coat, took his crown off his head, and made him appear ridiculous before all the people (Acts of Thecla),

Thecla was one of the first female leaders of the early Christian Church. Renouncing her marriage to her betrothed, even though it ensured a secure place in society for a woman, and inspired by Apostle Paul's telling of the Gospel,became a student of him.

"my daughter, Thecla,  like a spider's wed fastened to the window, is captivated by the discourses of Paul, and attends upon them with prodigious eagerness and vast delight" (Theoclia, Acts of Thecla).

She was persecuted for going against tradition, but she stayed steadfast in her calling. She eventually became a missionary, dressing in men's attire, "she dressed herself in the habit of a man and went to him in Myra in Lycia. There she found Paul preaching the word of God, and she stood by him amidst the throng"

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

"mankind" is a Judeo-Christian is made should be human-kind

the female used to be worshiped as Mother Goddess of the Earth; something happened and the male took over. when women try to become powerful, or show our power, we are ridiculed when all we are doing is reacting to "mankind"

Monday, March 11, 2013

May Those Who Love Us Love Us...

"May those who love us, love us.
And for those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts.
And if He cannot turn their hearts, 
May He turn their ankles, so we will know them by their limping!" 

Saint Patrick's Day is a bit less than a week away.
Here are some tidbits of Irish history:

Four leaf clovers are NOT a symbol of Ireland. It is the tri-leaved shamrock that is an Irish symbol. The myth goes that Saint Patrick plucked one from the ground to illustrate the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost when he was spreading Christianity to Ireland. The four-leaf clover is rare and considered to bestow luck unto any person that happens upon one. It is said that with Ireland's turbulent history they are lucky to have survived as a people... Yet, as John Lennon sang, "If you had the luck of the Irish you'd wish you was dead. If you had the luck of the Irish, you'd wish you was English instead."

Corned beef is not a traditional Irish food. When the Irish began mass emigration from Ireland, due to famine during 1845 through 1851, to The United States, and settling in cities like New York, they found that the pork/ham, a traditional food in their diet, was too expensive. Their Jewish neighbors introduced them to corned beef, a less expensive alternative; therefore, today, is eaten on Saint Patrick's Day.

....God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from taking over the world.... hahahaha! no, to see what really happened look at this episode of Family Guy!

The Irish tri-colour is a symbol of peace between the Catholics and the Protestants. The Orange for  the Protestants and the Green for the Catholics; the white in the middle for peace. It, unfortunately, is called "the rebel flag".  (I have Protestant family still living in Belfast and they are threatened by the removal of the Union Jack and in its place the Tri-colour. The flag itself is peaceful, however, the removal of the British (UK) flag, and the actions of sectarian groups such as the IRA, are not peaceful).