The Raven

The Raven

Monday, January 3, 2011

Are We Watching the Skies or are They Watching Us?

Over the holidays, one of the alchohol induced debates I got into with my brother was over ancient aliens. I was trying to make him consider, he may actually do, I really don't know for sure-he likes to play devil's advocate with me, that alien technology was used to build the pyramids of Eqypt, along with many other mysterious monoliths and pyramids from South America to China (and I just leaned even Bosnia!). I was arguing that because of the perfection of the measurements, and the weight of the stones, the pyramids must have been erected with perhaps anti-gravity technology or something of the sort and by aliens. For, it seems that, ancient people were still using chizels, hammers and rope to carve, build and measure their constructions and perimeters. When scientists study other ancient structures, the stones are rounded and uneven.

My brother asked how do I know the measurements are perfect. I wasn't quite sure of what he was getting at, maybe, how do we really know what is certain about anything. But as far as I know, for argument's sake, from watching documentries, scientists have measured these structures and find them level and sqaure to our mathematical standards of construction. The blocks of these ancient, mysterious stone structures are so flush against each other that not even the edge a piece of paper can slide in between. My brother was also saying that humans are the same now as they were thousands of years ago and that they had a lot of time to build and invent ways to build. I wasn't buying that idea. However, I am ceratin that we can be certain of NOTHING in history- we weren't there! But, I do think we have been visited by other beings and they have helped us develop new technology. I just wish they could show us all how to live and work progressively together! (and maybe liquidate the Republicans...) My brother and I both believe in God; but my trouble is I believe in everything! Aliens, God, ghosts- just not quite sure how they all fit together!
I would love to hear other ideas about ancient aliens! Give me some feedback!

Easter Island, Chile
5,500 B.C Sego Canyon, Utah

                                          Nubian Pyramids, Nile Valley, near Sudan
                                          Bosnian Pyramids
                                            found in a cemetery in Ireland
Rock art found in Val Cominica, Italy 10,000 B.C
                                                rock art found in Austrailia


Mayan Pyramid Itza, Mexico

                                          Mayan Ruins, Uxmal, Mexico
                                          Djoser, Saqqara
                                          Sukuh Temple, Indonesia

                                                      Kiev, Ukrain 4,000 B.C
"hi, there!"
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  1. I believe my teacher was once talking about something she called "Zoo theory". She said that many scientist now believe that humans were put on the earth by an alien species and that they watch us like a zoo so to speak. This belief although ridiculous to some is in reality to believing in any thing. And if you would like to see other theories on aliens look up a film called the fourth kind. The film claims to be based on a real event but some of my friends discredit it. I actually haven't investigated the truth behind it but you are welcome to.

  2. i remember seeing ads for that film. It looked very interesting, and disturbing