The Raven

The Raven

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is my first entry i want to share as I read through The Chalice and the Blade Our History, Our Future:
The ancient battle of the sexes seems to be everlasting. Where did this originate? Why did it originate? Was there a time when this energy and distance did not exist between men and women? I have been reading this book giving a second look at the history of humanity. Rainne Eisler, the author, gives evidence that history may not be what we have been taught in Biology and History for ages. Archaeologists are taking closer looks at the remains of pre-history. The remanants, and sites of history are like crime sites, all should be left undisturbed for evidence's sake to get the facts. Before scientists began to study remains, historical sites were disturbed and destroyed by treasure seekers, many in the 1800s, who were not interested in history. It wasn't until after WWII that digging for things from the past became archaeology- to study artifacts to piece together our pats and learn about our future.

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