The Raven

The Raven

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working Class Hero

I hate that I am a slave to the retail industry. I have no real marketable skill that people want to pay me for. I hate that grocery stores do not specialize in food; they try to be their own shopping center in one store, one person per department to do it all as well as cater to customers. This may be conveinent for the consumer and CEO of the buisness,  but not for the worker.In reality, though, customers are often disgruntled after talking to the clerk, who can be overworked, underpaid and rushing off to complete their next task, and not very knowledgeble because they are responsible for mulitple duties and rushed along up the hill pushing the profits up and into the fat mouths of the CEOs.
This also causes the closing of quality, professional small buisnesses shops where the workers are able to dedicate custom attention to their work. I work-in a floral shop within a chain grocery store. I used to be a cashier, which I still do whenever it gets too crowded, or they want to cut the front end's hours and hire more  17 or 18 year old part-timers...I have medeocre skills in flower arrangining, and have multiple jobs to get done within 5 or 6 hours, so there is no time to learn the expert skills that one could find at a shop where the worker was a full-time apprentice to an expert botanist who knew all his or her customers and the proper way to care for plants and flowers. This type of buisness is world-wide. Capitalism, what began as the right to have your own buisness, and make a profit, has turned into monstrous greed that buys elections and fuels the ugly idea that if your not at the top of the hill, you should be eliminated because you are unambitious, which is why you are poor to begin with and are a drain on society killing the buzz of the those up in the clouds of smoke from their sweet cigars reaped and rolled by Central American slaves making about $2.00 per day.

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  1. You know Breanne it's sad that what your saying is true. Unfortunately there is a decreasing in quality among businesses and services. I doubt they will ever rise again though. This nation's run by profit and unfortunately with profit there is no room for quality.