The Raven

The Raven

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Mosque of Red Death

To-morrow, the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks, has many Americans fired up about a group of Muslims in New York who want to build a community center a few blocks away from Ground Zero. Some Americans are upset about this, because the terrorists who attacked 9 years ago were followers of Islam. However, they got it wrong. The terrorists brought shame to their religion; they desecrated it to act out on their hatred for Americans, tried to make themselves heroic and martyrs, which will attract many of the impoverished people of the Third World and build an army to fight the Americans. The Muslims who want to build a community center ARE NOT terrorists. Imam Rauf, who wants to build the center was one of the first responders to 9/11 to help police. He plans to have prayer rooms for all faiths. What's the trouble? This is the 21st century, shouldn't we be trying to evolve from the Dark Ages? I think the Muslims should build a center there to prove that Islam DOES NOT = terrorist, and maybe Americans can mature a little and work towards understanding other cultures other than the obese, greedy Capitalistic culture. Then we have this pyschotic ass in Texas, I think when we named that state we forgot the second "s" on the end, Pastor Jones, with about 30 followers, who has read maybe a page of the Islamic holy book, wants to burn piles of the Koran. When asked by a reporter from MSNBC what in the Koran makes him want to burn it, all he said was that he may have only read a page or two of it, and it doesn't mention Jesus as the Savior. Fundamental Christians are making the U.S. look bad and fueling hatred for us, giving the wrong idea about what true Christianity is just like the terroroist are giving the wrong idea about Islam. If people start burning the Koran and the terrorists see that, it will be another crippling, stumbling step backwards in the War on Terror. We cannot fight for peace. We must negociate, listen, learn and LOVE and FORGIVE as the Christian holy book instructs to gain PEACE. 

The Republicans want to sign the renewal of rich tax cuts, for their friends who make more then $250,000 a year (do you know anyone who makes that much? I don't. I know lots of people without jobs!) with their blood!! God help us all!!!

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  1. (that's right, I'm commenting on my own post!) this guy, Jones, should not have been given any attention! The FBI should have quietly gone up to this dude and told him to chill out! Now, the Muslims overseas are seeing this story about Americans burning the Koran. Not all Americans agree with this, but that's what will be shown overseas in poor Islamic nations; it's just more fuel for the hatred pyre.

  2. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't care none too much about religious goings on and such.
    But when I first heard about the Koran-burning, I felt enthused.
    My man had the backbone to pretty much do what everyone else in America was too afraid to do.
    Publicity stunt or not; I WISH it happened.

    Every time I hear about our troops being killed by some Islamic Extremists who are not afraid to use car bombs, human bombs utilizing women and children, sending their whole family to the grave just to kill us. A proud group, they are, who wear masks as they make their threats and execute people because Islam dictates. They burn our flag, assault our President, and oh yeah, crash fully loaded passenger jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    So I surely don't find a problem from barring a mosque from Ground Zero. I KNOW you remember that day, Bre. I remember it all too well.

    Remember how mosques were found being used in Britain and German to recruit and condition little 'terrorists-in-training'?
    Bear in mind; the terrorist group Hamas has publicly endorsed the building of this mosque.
    The Islamic tradition commemorates their great victories with monuments; what better way to spit in our faces as to build a mosque right around the corner from their most famous attack on our nation?
    Maybe thirty years from now, I may feel differently. Unlikely, but in the meantime: I don't want to see THEM anywhere near Ground Zero.

    The instant religion was invented, it's brought nothing but bloodshed.