The Raven

The Raven

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Leaf Nature Be

I work at a floral shop. Many times I feel my creativity is quelled because it will not produce monetary profits. I am uninterested in that; I create to unlimit the mind. I just want to create and have my creations inspire new ideas for observers of them. Flowers should be left natural, outside in the ground I mean. I always am tempted to pick one and bring it inside, but they look so unnatural once you bring them in, out of their element. I often think of the multiple layers of Life, how we have the power to kill or create something, and something above us has the power to do the same to us, which is why to those who say, it's just a bug, just think to some other being we are, just a human, and we all know how important we think we are! But, if flowers are to be harvested, let them teach you; let them show you how they want to be presented. I hate symmetry! Maybe it is because I haven't perfected that skill, or because it's somewhat unnatural, I don't know which came first! My arrangements can have a bigger purpose. If they are able to have a natural relaxed flow, the energy about it will extend to the creator and the observer of the arrangement.
Everywhere I go I love to watch, listen and learn, and try to inspire a lust for knowledge and possession of an open mind... Or, maybe, I'm just bullshitting my way out of sucking at flower arranging!

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