The Raven

The Raven

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gimme What I Want and Noone Gets Hurt

Barack Obama is the first president that inspires me. He is the most in touch with America. He is concerned about and fighting for improvement in education, healthcare and the unbalanced state of our country. When asked why he didn't fight more for his plans during the recent tax cuts bill, President Obama ended up using an analolgy, when clear, simple logic didn't seem to be working, "do not negociate with hostage takers, unless the hostages will get harmed." We, the American people, are the hostages. President Obama's # 1 priority is THE PEOPLE. The Republicans priority is obviously not us. Republicans consider tax cuts for their wealthy friends their "political doctrine", their "Holy Grail". Boener has said that his agenda now is to get President Obama and his Democrats out of Congress. I haven't heard anything from Republicans stating that they are willing to do whatever necessary to help recover our country. They are not willing to put aside their pride and greedy agenda to improve the impoverished, unbalanced, weak state of America.
$700 billion dollars is what it will cost to continue the wealthy tax cuts. To defend tax cuts for the wealthy, Republicans are saying that it will create jobs and therefore recover the economy. Yet, evidence of this is nil. While these tax breaks were active for the past 10 years, unemployment and the state of the economy was the worst it has ever been since The Great Depression. Things did not start to improve until President Obama took charge of the Hill. President Obama seems to be the most reasonable person on the Hill. He is to me the most qualified person to be president I have ever seen. He came from modest means, witnessed the hardships of a single family home, a sick mother and worked his way up to Harvard law professor and now president. He knows what the American people need and what to do to catch our nation up to the rest of the world. He is fighting for children who are growing  up like he did, so that they can have things a bit easier than he had; he wants them to have top notch education healthcare, and nutrition. He understands what it's like to be poor with ambition and have ALL the odds against you. He said last night that he did not want to make the American people "collateral"damage" caused by the current stalemate. I am considered very liberal, who are now all fired up over Obama trying to bargain with the people who are trying to sabotage his career and efforts to strengthen America, yet I feel Obama is forced to be a peacemaker between his fiery liberals and the stiff, immature Republicans who want to fillibuster and block all ideas. who considere tax cut for their wealthy friends their "political doctrine", their "Holy Grail". Our President doesn't want to get caught up in the fight of representatives on both sides "busy scoring political points."  Here is what he fought for and achieved, even up against a new majority of Republicans and a loss of popularity and siupport by the people: college tax cuts, middle class tax cuts- he said, 2 million Americans lost jobs, needing unemployment, many are single parent raising child, and or payinmg for college, they will get tax breaks, because of him, he cut payroll taxes, which adds about $1000 per year to the typical American family. small buisnesses will see tax breaks because of Obama. To consider what can we get done now is vital because the economy is not in its strongest. We need to pick our battles and chose the most tactful time to strike against the Republicans.

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